Application for Merchant

Maximize the value of every unsold item and boost your promotions with HelpMyFood: the perfect solution to increase your profits!

Boost your sales

Immediate results

  • Wider promo reach,
  • New customers await,
  • Cut down losses,
  • Stocks optimized.

Build Trust

Transparency and quality

  • Showcase local value,
  • Winning over the big box stores,
  • Detail offers, boost sales,
  • Highlight your expertise.

Maximize your Impact

Be part of a bigger movement

  • Outpace hypermarkets,
  • Loyal local clientele,
  • Act sustainably,
  • Tech at your service.

Your Growth Tool

Simplify, Sell, Thrive

  • Ease and flexibility,
  • Free app, maximum savings,
  • Free bank transfers on demand,
  • No ties or subscriptions.
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